Flight School Selection

If you are just about to embark on a training course, leading to a career as a commercial pilot, we can help. The choices of school and course type are varied but may not all be suitable. ASM offers a two-hour consultation to assess you and which school and course type would suit you best.

Pilot Selection

ASM has been involved in several innovative pilot selection schemes and has worked closely with many airlines. If your company is looking to recruit or sponsor pilots, ASM can help you. Selection saves time and money and our experience in this field is second to none.

CV preparation and Assessment Service

Most first positions in aviation begin with the CV. Not every CV is successful. We will review your CV, help rewrite if necessary and hopefully give you the best possible chance of obtaining your first position quickly and efficiently.

Interview Technique

Having succeeded with your CV, you do not want to fail at the interview stage. For years we have conducted real interviews on behalf of thirteen different airlines and know what the airlines are looking for. We can help you improve your presentation skills to ensure success at interview.

Simulator appraisal flights

Whichever stage of training you are at, we can offer a one hour simulator assessment and written report/reference which can be used to help you find future employment. ASM’s connections with a number of small to large operators will be helpful in securing positions for aspiring pilots.

Safety Management Systems

Is your Flight Training Establishment truly safe? ASM can do a full review of your training practices, compile a report and an SMS manual to comply with UK CAA and EASA requirements.

Fact Not Fiction Films

ASM is proud to be associated with Fact Not Fiction Films in the role of aviation consultants. This has involved script writing for films such as Pilot Fatigue as well as commentary. If you are considering the value of producing a corporate film for your organisation, ASM may be able to help.

Fear of Flying Courses

ASM has had considerable success in reducing fear and anxiety in people who have suffered for a Fear of Flying. We can put together individual fear of flying courses which are all one to one and include a simulator experience and at the end of the course, a real flight. If we are unsuccessful in reducing your fear of flying, following ASM’s structured course, ASM commits to offer a full refund without quibble.

Conference Presentation

Air Safety Matters is proud to be involved in a number of aviation conferences covering subjects as diverse as air toxicity and aero-medicine. If your company is looking for assistance in your next aviation conference we may be able to help.